Second Hand Rose/二手玫瑰

5 Feb

Exclusive Interview with the Second Hand Rose

                      ——–Interview with the vocal/leading vocals Liang Long

Band Name: Second Hand Rose ;乐队名称:二手玫瑰              

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Check out this exclusive interview with Liang Long

Interview Contents——Q&A

Rock Diary: What do you think of the current development of rock music in China?

   Vocals/LiangLong: Personally, I don’t think I have any further proposal for the development of Rock music in China, since rock music in China is still staying at an average level, not really a leap in development but, still a lot of musicians are making an effort to make music, which is an essential key development for rock music in China. For the future, as a rock music artist, I think we need to make more efforts and keep going. 

Rock Diary: What is the next plan or surprise for “SHR”?

   Vocals/LiangLong: We are thinking to expand our plan for 2012, not only to release our new Album, which is the third. We are also planning a tour in Europe, the details are been discussed. I hope it would be a fabulous fresh start for “SHR”, because we have attempted to disseminate our music to the outside, and now we have got a chance to make it become true.

Rock Diary: What ‘s your rock music concept?

   Vocals/LiangLong: We don’t really have a specific concept of Rock, for me playing rock music is just a way to express myself. When I was very young, rock music was the best way to express my feelings. About the future, I am not sure but we are on our way and keep being ourselves.

Rock Diary: Which Chinese Rock band or artist do you admire?

    Vocals/LiangLong:Well, I have listened a lot when I was in school, but speak to “admire”, I think the first one is CuiJian; I grew up with his rock music. He is the very few one left in China, who is aged over 50, and still keeps making good rock music and this is what I really admired.

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  1. Anonymous 05/02/2012 at 22:06 #

    nice try,but it would be amazing if u also post a clip abt the Interview


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